Languages of Crisis

Romanian News Media Frames of the Global Financial Crisis

Research project funded by the National Council for Scientific Research in Romania


PI: dr. Hanna Orsolya Vincze

The topic of the economic crisis and of the policies proposed in response to it has held the attention of the news media for the past three years. The “crisis” has become a catchphrase that can refer to various shortages of resources and goods, material or spiritual, but also the perceived breakdown of governance, institutions or indeed the fabric of society. The languages of crisis have become the main frames of interpretation in which economic, social and political realities came to be represented. The proposed research will analyze how public discussions of the financial, then economic crisis unfolded in the Romanian news media, the descriptive, activist and political uses of the languages of crisis, in the comparative context of the global, English-language media. The project shall develop its own methodology, relying on a combination of methods in the analysis of news media and the history of political thought: frame analysis and the analysis of political languages. The project also aims to connect to projects being pursued in various European countries. Thus, all insights and comments are welcome!


Papers (pre-publication drafts):

The Salience of Crisis in Romanian News Media

The Sphere of Government and Administration in Romanian News of Crisis

Conference presentations:

The USA in the Crisis Frame. The Changing Image of a Global Actor (Abstract)

News of Crisis. The Economic Crisis as a Generic Frame in Romanian News Media  (Conference paper)

News of Crisis - ppt
News of Crisis - prezi

Interim reports (in Romanian)

Interim report 1, 2011
Interim report 2, 2012